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The MOOMINS姆明家族旋轉蠟燭座|金色

The MOOMINS姆明家族旋轉蠟燭座|金色

點燃一顆小蠟燭,姆明家族搭上嘅氹氹轉就會啟動,氹得大家好歡樂!此款式為蠟燭底座金色,姆明公仔啞白色。 Light a tea light candle and enjoy the Moomins come in motion on the merry-go-round!This item features candle holder in gold with Moomin characters in matt white.

尺寸 Size  / Around 16.5 cm (H)
素材 Material  / 金屬 Metal
製造 Origin / 瑞典 Pluto Produkter 出品 / Designed and Produced by Pluto Produkter in Sweden

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